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Twitter, the global phenomenon, may be a lot of things. We like it for connecting and keeping it real!

From the random, and sometimes, quirky world of Twitter, we take a look at 2013 in Taylor’s own words, or those of others that he ReTweeted. In only a smattering of the thousands of interactions in the past year, we randomly recall people, places, events, and good times that made us smile, made us think, and made 2013 a very cool year around the Taylor Hicks community.

Thanks, Taylor, for sharing the journey and staying connected with us!


Jan. 1, 2013, no surprise here...football!

"These #SEC teams have one thing in mind. winning the BCS championship. If not these other bowl games are a free party to go to." Jan. 1, 2013

" #NIU qb needs a chill pill...." Jan 1, 2013

"Are we back in the swing of things?" Jan 2, 2013

"Thx to everyone who donated to help my friend Marty Eagle battle cancer. You can still help by donating here: bit.ly/MEfundrazr" Jan, 3. 2013. - Marty was a longtime mentor of Taylor’s and musician/owner of Marty’s in Birmingham.

"RT: Taylor Hicks News @TaylorHicksNews 6h TONIGHT at @taylorhicks co-owned @sawsbbq: Earl "Guitar" Williams plays at the Juke Joint!" Jan. 3, 2013

"Can’t wait to return to @BallysVegas later this month! It’s gonna be a great year! bit.ly/THBallysTix" Jan. 4, 2013

"Happy Birthday! #Elvis" Jan 8, 2013

"RT: JANICE ROGERS @JANICEROGERS6 Great visit with @taylorhicks on @GoodDayAlabama this morning - he announced a move to bigger venue n Vegas!!! pic.twitter.com/VSwbWDoz" Jan. 16, 2013

"I’m moving my show to a bigger venue: Napoleon’s @ParisVegas! See u there on Monday. Tickets: bit.ly/THParisTix" Jan. 16, 2013

"Hanging with @justinbieber..... #Believe pic.twitter.com/6t0Kou6b" Jan. 16, 2013.
The Biebs was playing a gig in Birmingham. 

“Watching @AmericanIdol tonight....Who's with me?” Jan. 17, 2013

“RT ‘@hypnocools: Big welcome to my friend @taylorhicks to @ParisVegas your going to love the gang here!’ thanks man!” Jan. 20, 2013

“Going to be in film about the harmonica! Pocket Full of Soul! At pocketfullofsoulmovie.com. One night only screenings across the US on 2/28/13” Jan. 21, 2013

“RT: Pit Bull Interactive @PitBullOnline Break a leg tonight, @taylorhicks, at @ParisVegas! #TaylorHicksinVegas” Jan. 21, 2013

“RT: TaylorHicksCommunity @TTHC @taylorhicks~Congratulations on your opening TONIGHT @ParisVegas! Much success in 2013 as you continue your residency #Vegas! #music #Idol” Jan .21, 2013

“Wishing everyone a happy MLK day! MLK was one of the most important people in our history.” Jan. 21, 2013

“Great first show at @ParisVegas! #fun stuff!” Jan. 21, 2013

“RT: ColursoBhamNews @sweetsmoke1 Thanks! Taylor says he's already gray, so a few more gray hairs before record comes out isn't a big deal. The patience thing.” Jan. 22, 2013

“RT: ‘@seor: @taylorhicks Your tweets are so predictable.’ thanks.” Jan 23, 2013

Someone’s been there...
"Pay attention to the tone of the contestants on #idol speaking voices. It's a good sign on how they will sing." Jan .23, 2014

"#Soulful Country....ain't nothing wrong with it..." Jan. 23, 2013

"Nervousness helps vibrato quicken! #ImWatchingIdol" Jan. 23, 2013

"’Clint Eastwood's famous empty chair is now in the Republican National Committee's office in Washington. gaw.kr/IeGVA6P’ he's teo'ing." Jan. 23, 2013

"RT: Laurie @bella313 @taylorhicks your fans pretty much rock..." Jan. 26, 2013

"RT: ‘@Kris_McMahon_: This mommy's having a time out! Driving alone in the car blasting @taylorhicks :-)’ I hear ya!" Jan. 27, 2013

Ah, the birthday tweets

"RT: Marilyn Johnston @Poolie67 @taylorhicks @amoryhartwell ‘Don't forget to Vote for Taylor Hicks BestOfVegas.com’ I'm voting while waiting for a b'day tweet from T" Jan. 27, 2013

RT: ‘@ArelineW: Arrived in Vegas tonight from Tampa. Can't wait to see @taylorhicks on Thursday night. Its our 15 yr wedding anniversary.’ cool!” Jan. 29, 2013

January 31, 2013 ~ 29,141 Twitter Followers, 8:00 a.m. EST

That’s just a smattering from January! This is gonna’ be a long row to hoe... 'If we can make it through December...'

"Great to see @SimonLythgoe and @FredBronson tonight at my show @ParisVegas Thanks for coming! pic.twitter.com/IVIOUIdZ" Feb. 2, 2013

"I'm leaning #Niners...was leaning Ravens all week.... #decisions” Feb. 3, 2013

“Congrats to the Ravens and Joe Flacco!!! #BIGGAME" Feb. 3, 2013

"I won the over..... #boom" Feb. 3, 2013

"Best of Vegas voting ends at 4 PM TODAY. Can we get to #1 in both categories? bestoflasvegas.com/vote #letsdothis #1inboth" Feb. 4, 2013

"For all my fans who use Google+, you can now follow my official page here: bit.ly/THonGP Cheers!" Feb. 4, 2013

"’@flashpooint: @taylorhicks listening to do I make u proud.. Thinking of u being my imaginary Valentine... Will u?�� Haha’ sure!" Feb. 6, 2013

"RT: VegasNews.com @VegasNews PHOTO: Mike Tyson at Taylor Hicks' Show at @ParisVegas bit.ly/YO884J @VegasNews @taylorhicks @MikeTyson #Vegas #boxing" Feb. 9, 2013

Friday, Friday...
"Congrats to @jimmyfallon on his Best Comedy Album win! Honored to be a part of Blow Your Pants Off. #GRAMMYs #funfunfun” Feb. 10, 2013

"RT: Hollywood Reporter @THR 'American Idol' Taylor Hicks Collects Grammy Award shar.es/Y5oW8" Feb. 10, 2013

"Happy #ValentinesDay everyone...." Feb. 14, 2013

"RT: Paris Las Vegas @ParisVegas You were just hilarious! Many thanks to you and your fans! RT @taylorhicks: Thanks for @ParisVegas for the #googlehangout Had a blast!" Feb. 19, 2013

"RT: ‘edgeoflonely: @taylorhicks There was a reference to your AI duet withToni Braxton on @NBCTheNewNormal tonight! :)’ I love Braxton-Hicks :)" Feb. 19, 2013

Always giving back...
"RT: Jennifer Bradley @jenpbradley 10h Awesome billboard @taylorhicks @HarrahsVegas and being the FACE OF CHANGE for @UWSN! Thank you for your giving back! pic.twitter.com/DHyz2kUTJj"

"Good morning from Las Vegas. One more day till I disappear. #poof" Feb. 23, 2013

"Thanks for a great 5 week run @ParisVegas! #SoldOutShows pic.twitter.com/fEoq1QrsxZ" Feb. 23, 2013

"Vacation pic.twitter.com/" Feb. 27, 2013

"Looking forward to going to @AmericanIdol tonight live in #Vegas!" Mar. 6, 2013

"RT: RACHEL SMITH @RACHELFOX5 GREAT job to @taylorhicks on being our special @AmericanIdol reporter tonight! The fans loved you! :) @MOREFOX5 @SeanFOX5 @TheMirageLV" Mar. 6, 2013

"Thrilled to announce that I've just launched a new online merch store! Check it out on my website: www.taylorhicks.com" Mar. 7, 2013

Almost a party:
"How's everyone's Sunday going? I've been watching TV all day." Mar. 10, 2013

"‘@sevenxdaizy: @taylorhicks Do you like cupcakes??’ duh" Mar. 10. 2013

"‘@ALaumer: @taylorhicks What is your worst weakness?’ chocolate soufflé" Mar. 10. 2013

"‘@sevenxdaizy: @taylorhicks I may have just bounced around my kitchen because you replied to meee. xD’ keep bouncing" Mar. 10. 2013

"‘@seor: @taylorhicks You must be damn near exhausted from tweeting 18 times in an hour!’ i am." Mar. 10, 2013

"RT: Paris Las Vegas @ParisVegas Ryan Seacrest's mic makes its way across the country and today it's in Vegas with our own #Idol alum @taylorhicks! pic.twitter.com/LYr5sdR9vZ" Mar. 12, 2013

March 14, 2013 ~ 34,259 Twitter Followers, 8:00 a.m. EST

"RT:@TaylorHicksNews If you haven't had a chance to support @taylorhicks @sawsbbq, now is the time! The team is trailing by a few ribs... on.fb.me/WImhmA" Mar. 22, 2013

“Who Is everyone picking in #MarchMadness??” Mar. 24, 2013

“Got the Hoosiers!!! I've gotta get those pants...,” Mar. 24, 2013

He did.

“RT: ‘@BaneJahMeen: I miss @taylorhicks ! the #SoulPatrol was live and poppin'! #AmericanIdol hasn't been the same since...’ thank ya” Mar. 25, 2013

Soul Patrol is still live and poppin’! As is American Idol Taylor Hicks!

"RT: Mary Colurso @MaryColurso Hoover native @taylorhicks back home this weekend, appearing at Saw's Juke Joint, Croonin' for Critters @WorkPlayBHAM al.com/entertainment/..." Mar. 26, 2013

"I'm waiting on my Candy Cane striped Indiana #Hoosiers warmup pants to arrive. #Indiana wins my bracket. #6grand" Mar. 28, 2013

And they did...  

"Hey @IUBloomington: Soul Patrol goes on Hoosier Patrol! Go Hoosiers! twitpic.com/cf6cqv #HoosierNation #showyourstripes" Mar. 28, 2013

We did. But the Soul Patrol stripes didn’t help the Hoosiers! They lost.

"Easter Sunday is the best travel day....Thank You Easter Bunny.. #HappyEaster pic.twitter.com/gtpKxKRniU"” Mar.. 31, 2013 -Empty, empty airport tramway car.

"Sorry for being twitter less...Finally got my #orb back..." Apr. 5, 2013

"RT: ThistleDown Racino @ThistleDownOhio Thanks to @CavsAhmaad for emceeing tonight. @taylorhicks is live at ThistleDown Racino right now! pic.twitter.com/EDwObLpiyb" Apr. 9, 2013

"RT: Ahmaad Crump @CavsAhmaad Tonight at @cavs game we welcome American Idol with @taylorhicks to watch some hoops! 4/12 for his Free concert at @ThistleDownOhio at 8pm”

"In Miami. Went from snow on tarmac in Chicago. My hotel is bumping. #Southbeach" Apr. 13, 2013

"Great time tonight @LeaBlackMiami! What a fabulous event! Thanks for having me #BLACKSGALA!!" Apr. 13, 2013

"Prayers for #Boston...." Apr. 15, 2013

"RT: Vegas Tweets @VegasTweetsInfo RT @ParisVegas ParisVegas: RT @mbshafer: @taylorhicks You're rocking the cover of @LasVegasMag!... bit.ly/17jpI3a #Vegas #Casino" Apr. 16, 2013

"RT : “@markandmercedes: Is that Mercedes and Penn with George Clooney or Taylor Hicks? pic.twitter.com/CiACApUSSW” Ha!” Apr. 18, 2013

"RT: Earth Pics @Earth_Pics 36s A Musical Nature. pic.twitter.com/MQ90QbINmq" Apr. 22, 2013

April 24, 2013 - 36,632 Twitter followers at 8:00 AM EST

"“RT: ‘Look at @parisLV headliner @taylorhicks on red carpet for Newport Beach Film Fest! pic.twitter.com/OVa6iboqQx’ thanks to you!!" Apr. 25, 2013

"George Jones was the Ray Charles of Country Music. #possum #ripgeorgejones" Apr. 26, 2013

"Had a blast with @edsheehan tonight!" Sheehan was named one of the Hottest New Acts for 2013.

“This is the lens that caught my white ass on the beach in Maui.... pic.twitter.com/jhEooVjZBR" Apr. 29, 2013

"RT: ‘@JkgrL4eva: @taylorhicks look I made the website!!!!! Do I make you proud....lol pic.twitter.com/2d0Xh8CaCa’ you make me proud." Apr. 30, 2013

Rockin’ the Ink

"‘Music is my life's long love. I associate so many memories and emotions to songs. I find healing and understanding in music.’ GREAT QUOTE" Apr. 30, 2013

"@PerezHilton That was a great quote. #shouldbemymantra" Apr. 30, 2013

"RT: ‘@squince: What ever happened to @taylorhicks? #SoulPatrol’ Vegas, my dear, Vegas!" May 10, 2013

"Happy Mothers Day! Cheers to the Moms!" May 12, 2013

"Congrats to @CandiceAI12 and @KreeAI12!! Awesome talents! #idols" May 17, 2013

RT: "The Apprentice @ApprenticeNBC What an incredible All-Star season! Watch @pennjillette and @TraceAdkins in the #ApprenticeFinale now: nbc.co/vid/n37096/" May 24, 2013

"Happy Memorial Day everyone. What a special day to honor our servicemen and women." May 27, 2013

"Had a great time at the National Memorial Day Parade! Thanks to all our servicemen and women for everything they do! pic.twitter.com/15xE4UV7CQ" May 27, 2013

“@TaylorGuitars @SouthwestAir What a blast today #liveat35 #picssoon” May 29, 2013

June 1, 2013 - 38,217 Twitter followers at 8:00 AM EST

"This will be the third flight this week. #redeye. Then recording new music in Nashville....oh then FloraBama. #funweek" Jun. 8, 2013

"#redeye time to go record a smash hit! #musiccity pic.twitter.com/AqxjBZU7E2" Jun. 8, 2013

"Late night session....#musiccity pic.twitter.com/vvl2t8fy2R" Jun. 11, 2013

Say what?
"I'm experimenting with #dubstep in the studio..." Jun. 11, 2013

"Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there!" Jun. 15, 2013

"tonight in the main room @flora_bama ... #whereitallbegan"

"I'm thinking he done got his doggone #shindig on.... pic.twitter.com/exGMIBHIqU"

"Always great to return to the @flora_bama! And thx Jeff Nelson Studios for these photos! on.fb.me/11lPMvQ #shindigonthesand" Jun. 18, 2013

"RIP James Gandolfini...what a great actor. He will be missed." Jun. 19, 2013

"RT: seor @seor @taylorhicks Let's experiment!!! You have 38,857 follows, see if tweetin tween now thru Sun. nite gets u 2 39,000! #TwitterChallenge" Jun. 21, 2013

"Ok ... Here we go... Follow!" Jun. 23, 2013

"One year and counting! @BallysAC @ParisVegas in #Vegas #greatgig #thankful" Jun. 26, 2013

"RT: Charlotte @iammoazzami Infinite worlds appear and disappear in the vast expanse of my own consciousness, like motes of dust dancing in a beam of light.#moazzami" Jun. 28, 2013

"How is everyone? Great Flight. Recording vocals this week in Nashville. #cheers" Jun. 29, 2013

"Headed to@harrahsreno! #fourthofjuly #shows" Jul. 3, 2013

"Happy 4th of July! God Bless America!" Jul. 4, 2013

~~~ Stay tuned for Part Two of our look back via Twitter coming soon...



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