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The Taylor Hicks Community was launched in February, 2008, uniting fans of Taylor Hicks who believed in his outstanding music, talent, and character.

We continue to celebrate and support Taylor Hicks and a fan base that is dedicated to the man and his music.

TTHC originally partnered with the extensive multimedia library of TaylorMadeOnline and a comprehensive reference library and tour archives from The Whomp Swamp, a Taylor web place dating back to 2006.

We introduced a new message board, Connections - a place to unite fans for the exciting future that lay ahead in the next chapter of Taylor's journey.

As Taylor World evolved, so did we.

TaylorMadeOnline is now a separate and unparalleled collection of Taylor Hicks media, TMO Media.

The Taylor Hicks Community Website

News Page
The latest happenings, appearances, article excerpts, media and pictures—everything that’s going on with Taylor is updated continuously.

A complete collection of mp3 clips and lyrics for every track that Taylor Hicks has recorded.

The Journey
TTHC’s own biography of Taylor Hicks takes us from his first foray into crime with the theft of an Otis Redding album to the latest in his ongoing successes.

Originally a Whomp Swamp project, this is the chronological record of every significant event in Taylor’s career from his audition for American Idol in 2005 to the very latest happening.

Usually published weekly with original content, the Blog is the musings of a novice writer about Taylor Hicks, events in his world, music from the fan perspective, and many things.

Much More
Although we cannot give our fulltime to the website (unfortunately), we feature fan videos, a tour schedule page and much more. Check it out!

Connections Anthology

Connections evolved from a message board to Connections Anthology, an extensive archive of all things Taylor Hicks kept current by an avid and thorough researcher:

The "Bus Stops"
Connections Anthology maintains complete Tour Venue threads that started on The Whomp Swamp as the "Bus Stops." You can read about any tour stop and appearance by Taylor—-venue, media, set list, news articles, reviews, and fan reactions.

The Music Industry
Articles and informational features provide the music fan with the latest on a business very much in flux, the rich history of music in America, other musicians who enrich our lives, and more.

It’s all covered
Many more forums cover everything from the music to the latest articles and reviews. Pursuit of the Dream follows the history of Taylor’s days on the “chitlin’ circuit” as a struggling young musician. There are forums about his bands then, his bands now, the music, covers, tags and other musicians. You will also find some pictures and media that may not be any where else, such as venues and vintage Taylor “stuff,” other musicians, and graphics. And we are extremely “blessed” to have the original art work of Allyn on our sites. She is an immensely talented graphic artist who loves to “work her magic” for Taylor!

If it “plays” in Taylor’s World, it’s probably on Connections Anthology. We are pleased to collect and archive a library preserving and celebrating the career and success of Taylor Hicks.

There are only a couple of things you will not find at TTHC. One is any information about Taylor’s private life. It’s his. The other is anything negative. We simply aren’t here for that.

Please note: As anyone in fandom knows, much work goes into writing, collecting materials, and maintaining websites. Thank you for respecting our time and efforts by not reposting our work without credit.

You are very welcome to share what we do or place links to our features on TTHC and Connections Anthology in your web places. Enjoy!

We also welcome your visiting and participating in building a library of Taylor Hicks’ music and career. If you have something you think belongs in our archives, please let us know. We appreciate all the contributions of fans.

We’re glad you’re here. Join us in building a strong community of fans who believe in Taylor Hicks and want to enjoy this journey with him.

Peruse our Anthology:   Connections Anthology
Read our thoughts:    TTHC Blogspot
Follow us on Twitter:   @TTHC on Twitter

Welcome! The Taylor Hicks Community Taylor Hicks, 2011, BamaRising fundraiser for toronado relief in Alabama; photo by Getty Images via MJSBlog



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